Military Firearms

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Mas 49/56 sniper Rifle. Perfect, just as when they came into the country years ago with all the accessories. Can't get any better than this.


Late Numbu T14. Date Feb 1945. Matching mag. Comes with canvas holster. $950

Early Nambu T94.. Dated Nov 1944. Mag mismatched. Comes with holster (shoulder strap broken) $900

Late Nambu T94. Dated Nov. 1945. Matching mag. Comes with repro canvas holster. $950

Polis Eagle Radom VIS35. Dated 1938. Finish rough with pitting but marking all still clear. Bore has some pitting but decent rifling. Mag is unmarked and may be a repro. A rare pistol. $1200

Swede 96. 196 Gustafs. ll matching except for cleaning rod. Nice blueing, original finish. Stock has a couple of dings. $600

Egyptian Hakim in 8MM. Very nice. Look like in may have been an arsenal rework. Nice blueing and nice stock. Good bore. $750

CZ24 Mauser. 8mm. Matching serial numbers. Very good showing some age and use. Good bore. Front sight slotted for a sight hood llike the German K98.


Finn M39. As close to mint as you can get. Octagon receiver blank except for czars eagle. B barrel. atching serial numbers. Appears to be unissued. $699

Russian 1895 Revolver. Import. Tula 1931. With holster. $300

Russian 1895 Revolver. Marked PCCP 1921. Import marked under barrel. With holster. $300

Russian 1895 Revolver. NO import marks. Tula 1941. Original finish shows a little wear. Comes with WWII era holster. $1100

Colt SP1 Carbine. Made 1981. Metal alloy buttstock. Has full auto bolt carrier in the white. Correct Colt mag. $2200

Colt SP1 full rifle. manufactured 1975. Nice rifle showing minor age. Original SP1 magazine.


M1A built on a Gunworks L.A. receiver (one of the best). .308. Built using an H&R 62 dated barrel and an SA trigger assembly. Used but could pss for new.$1700

Persian M29 rifle/ absolutly beautiful. 8mm. I think thi is one of the finest mausers manufactured. Matching. $900

Israeli K98 Mauser. Camber in 7.62 (.308).  Nice parkerized finish. Built off a swp45 receiver. Mismatched bolt. $600

Mas 49/56 chambered in .308. Finish a little faded. Comes with a few accessories as shown.