Military Fighting Knives & Bayonets

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German dagger

German dagger


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Ek #8

Ek #8


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Blade marked Casexx. US stamped on handle. $800

Anderson marked on one side of the handle, made in USA on the other. $450

Australian Knuckle knife. Blade marked KE over ECD. $900

Indian Ceremonial knife for the Jodhpur City Volunteer Guard for the Princess’s wedding in the 1950’s. $500

U.S. Fighting knife made from a Patton Sword Blade. $125

Italian dagger. $300

Fairbairn ringed and beaded stiletto. Stamped England on top of cross guard. $700

Collins V44 with horn handle. $$500

Kinfolks V44. $400

Springfield Armony Bolo dated 1912. $500

Springfield Hunting

Spade. $600

Collins $700

USN MkI Plastic training Bayonet in correct scabbard. $175

U.S. 1903 Springfield Armory Bayonet dated 1919. $300

USN Pal RH37 Fighting Knife. $200

Japanese Arisaka Bayonet. $150

U.S. Smatchet. Unmarked. Retainer strap broken but belt loop intact. $600

French Fairbairn. $750

Japanese Pole Bayonet. $950

Japanese Pole Bayonet. Blue-grey painted scabbard. $950

Closeup of Pole Bayonet.

German Ersatz bayonet. Remnants of green paint on handle. $500

EK Knife made in the 70’s. $350

EK Murphy Combat nice made in the 70’s. $300

EK knife made in Richmond VA in the 70’s. $200